Fall Kick-Off Fun!

We recently spoke to Shon Christy, a father of a few athletes here at AE Kids and our guest blogger for the week! We asked him what he was most excited about for the upcoming Fall Kick-Off and wanted to tell YOU why you should attend this spectacular evening for your family 🙂

I have always believed that it is critical for my kids to be involved in extra curricular activities so we have sought out numerous opportunities for them as parents. We were introduced to American Elite years ago and we are so glad we were!

American Elite is THE premier family activity center in Northeast Ohio! Our children have participated in classes and team activities for the last 5 years and it has been an incredible ride. There are many reasons that I will always bring my children to American Elite, but 3 really stand out for me.

The first one is the people, the owners, the staff, the coaches, and the families that come. The people are just different, its a family. Our kids have made their best friends at the gym and we have met some wonderful families as a result. rsz_1christy_family

Next is the atmosphere! There are so many things to choose from at American Elite. From competitive cheerleading to American Elite’s version of American Ninja Warrior, Ninja Zone, there is something for everyone! With all of the activities going on at once there is always excitement and fun in the air! There is a culture in the organization that fosters love and respect for the kids and the families. In a time where sportsmanship can be lacking this is a very welcome feel!

Lastly, the events that American Elite has throughout the year are awesome! The can’t miss event of the year in 2016 will be the Fall Kick-Off coming up for sure! Last year hundreds of kids from all over Northeast Ohio came to have a great time and explore all that the gym had to offer. There were games, prizes, food trucks,and awesome prizes like FREE classes and entry was NO CHARGE!

If you have been considering getting your child involved in something outside of school competitive or recreational this is the time to come check out the gym for a glimpse of what is available. Let them try different things and see what they have interest in before you commit! Most importantly HAVE FUN!

The Christy family will be there and we hope to see you there too!

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