This area is available to all of our Preschool Gymnastics classes, Miss Katie’s Preschool and Ninja Zone. aek-preschool-1024x768
Miss Katie’s Preschool Playgroup offers educational classes, music and movement, story time and more all within a learning environment at WE Kids. aek-mkp-1024x768
Walk through the front doors at World Elite Kids and you will feel the sense of excitement and learning right away within the 42,000 square feet offered. aek-lobby
Our gymnastics area offers our team and class students equipment to practice on in every event. aek-gymnastics-1024x768

Get your work out in for the day while your child’s attending class by joining Fresh Body Rock in their Kickboxing, Tabata, Pilates classes and more. aek-freshbodyrock-1024x768

This space is perfect for viewing your child’s class within the facility or catching up on some work. aek-viewingarea
Celebrate your child’s birthday stress free with party hosts in our birthday party room! AEK Birthday Party Room 2

AEK Birthday Party Room

The WE team shop is where you can find all the newest items from leotards, t-shirts sweatshirts etc. team
shop 2 team
shop 3

Teamp shop

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