Q. May my child try a class first before we decide to enroll?
A: Just give us a call and we can set up a trial class for you. The cost is $10 but if you enroll, the $10 goes towards your tuition for the month.

Q: What does my child wear to class?
A: For gymnastics, girls should wear a leotard. Biker/tight fitting shorts are acceptable. Hair should be pulled back into a ponytail if possible. No jewelry should be worn.

For Boys, cheer and tumbling classes students should wear a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

Q: How do I know at what level to start my child?
A: Nearly all students will begin with Beginner Gymnastics for gymnastics, Basics for tumbling, or Cheer Academy for Cheer.
If your child has had previous gymnastics or tumbling experience, you may give us a call at 330.633.3160 to schedule a free evaluation for class placement.

Q: Do I get a credit for the holiday closings or if I miss a class?
A: We do not give credits for holiday closings just like we do not increase your tuition when you receive 5 classes in a month. Every student is guaranteed 4 classes per month, on average, or 48 classes per year.

Q: Do you allow make ups?
A: We offer one make up class per month when and where doing so does not interrupt the safety or quality of classes. The make-up class must be scheduled with the front desk.

Q. Do I have to do autopay?
A. Yes, but you can pay your bill multiple ways, you just have to have your credit card on file. If you pay your bill by the 5th your credit card will not be charged. It just makes it easy for you.

Q. When will my child move up to next class?
A. In class your child will work on progression charts. Once they complete their chart they will receive an Advancement Card that you will take to the front desk to get scheduled to the next class.

Q: Do you offer private lessons?
A: Yes, our instructors do private lessons. You can set up a private lesson by speaking with our customer service team.

Q. What is the drop policy?
A. Please call customer service prior to the beginning of the month if you are dropping your child from class. Your child will remain enrolled in class until you notify otherwise.

Q. How often do classes meet?
A. All classes meet once a week, however, we strongly encourage you to sign up for at least twice per week. Students progress much faster taking more than once per week and we give you a discount, too!

Q. What does tuition cover?
A. Tuition covers one month of class.

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