Cheerleading Classes


AGE: 18 - 36 Months

In this class these little ones will learn the basic fundamentals of tumbling and cheer. They will focus on basic body shapes and movements through obstacle courses, games, and fun activities while also quickly discovering how to use their gross motor skills in a fun & safe environment.

Class Attire:
Tennis Shoes, T-shirt, Leggings, Hair pulled back

Class goals: Basic Cheer Motions/Movements, Body Shapes, Following Instructions, Listening Skills, Working as a Group.


(Ages 3-5) A fun class where preschoolers learn the basics of cheer in a fun environment.
Cheerios class will establish a basic foundation for cheer through the use of themes, props, trampoline and play to improve coordination, balance, strength & flexibility- all while having a ton of fun.

***Dress- Shorts, t-shirt, tennis shoes with hair pulled back***

Class goals: Knowledge of Basic Cheer Motions, Routine Format, Performance, Basic Stunting, Goal Setting & Teamwork.


AGES: 12 & UP - In this class athletes will focus on the progression of CoEd Stunting. Athletes will work on the proper technique and body positions as well as level appropriate load ins and dismounts.

Class goals: Perfect level appropriate stunting skills, Increase knowledge of CoEd Stunting, Learn new transitional skills.


AGES: 6 - 18
This class is specifically designed to help increase a flyers strength, flexibility, & balance. Students will also learn & master the proper technique in pulling body positions.

***Dress- Shorts, t-shirt, tennis shoes with hair pulled back***

Class Goals: Increase front & back flexibility, Pull body positions properly, Timing.