Frequently Asked Questions


If it was just about recreation, you and your child could go anywhere.  But it’s so much more.  World Elite Kids is about shaping today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders and having fun in the process.  Ask the kids in our programs and they’ll tell you it’s cool, their friends are here, and they love their teachers.  It’s a family.  Ask those who have been through our programs and who have grown up.  They’ll say it made them more self assured, more at ease with their peers, more confident.  World Elite Kids has set them up for success, in our programs and in LIFE!

Yes, but you can pay your bill multiple ways, you just have to have your credit card on file. If you pay your bill by the 5th of the month your credit card will not be charged. It just makes it easy for you.

We do not give credits for holiday closings just like we do not increase your tuition when you receive 5 classes in a month. Every student is guaranteed 4 classes per month, on average, or 48 classes per year.

Yes, our instructors do private lessons. You can set up a private lesson by speaking with our customer service team or by scheduling through the portal.

There is an annual membership fee of $45 per family.

Yes, you can try any class for $10.

Please fill out the Class Drop Form prior to the beginning of the month.  Your child will remain enrolled in class unless this form is completed.
*If you are only transferring from one class to another please call our customer experience team at 330.633.3160.

The Class Drop Form is also located under the “Parent Toolbox” Tab on our website

In some cases of inclement weather, it is necessary for World Elite to adjust or cancel classes and practices.  Please review the following policies, to see what guides our decision making.  Providing a safe training environment is very important to us, and these steps are in place to provide a clear understanding how we do that.

  1. We do NOT follow any particular public school closing.
  2. Decision based off:
    1. Road conditions during winter season.
    2. Temperatures at or above 93 degrees inside the gym during summer season.
  3. Decision will be announced by:
    1. 8:30am for morning & daytime offerings
    2. 2:30pm for after-school & evening offerings
  4. We will notify you in the following ways:
    1. Email notification
    2. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
    3. Team Communications:
      1. Team Parents group text
      2. Team Facebook pages
      3. Athlete group text (when applicable)
  5. Make-up or Rescheduling options:
    1. Classes – student will be eligible to make up this class in next 30 days.
    2. Team Practices – this will be a case by case basis, when possible, coaches will try to reschedule.
  6. WE appreciate your understanding and support in our approach.  Although we live in North East Ohio and are all accustomed to mother nature’s best, the safety of our athletes and families are of the utmost importance to us.

All classes meet once a week, however, we strongly encourage you to sign up for at least twice per week. Students progress much faster taking more than once per week and we give you a discount, too!

1.  Our staff monitors the wait-list report on a daily basis
2.  Our goal is to get you off of the wait-list ASAP
3.  If YOU are on a wait-list our customer experience team will contact you as soon as an opening is available.
4.  YOU will have 24 hours to respond either Yes ENROLL me or NO do not enroll me.
5.  If you do not respond within 24 hours we will REMOVE you from the wait-list so we can offer it to the next person on the list.

Gymnastics: Girls should wear a leotard. Biker/tight fitting shorts are acceptable. Hair should be pulled back into a ponytail if possible. No jewelry should be worn.

Boys, Cheer, and Tumbling classes: Students should wear a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

NinjaZone Classes: Ages 3 and up are required to purchase Ninja tee and band.

Each class has a list of skills/progressions that your child will work on in class. Upon receiving a skill you will receive an email updating you of your child’s progress!

Your child will also receive a Progress Report 6 times a year.

Click here to learn how to check your child’s progress. –>

We offer one make up class per month when and where doing so does not interrupt the safety or quality of classes. The make-up class must be scheduled with the front desk.

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