Placement Information

All athletes born from 2018-6/1/2004 can register for evaluations. 

  • Don’t wait to register -Register in March for an Early Bird price of $50 
  • Registration will increase to $70 in April and $80 in May 

Important Dates

Join us April 11th at 6:00pm for a town hall with the Cheer Director Pat and Full Year Cheer director Kelly to hear more about our evaluation process and learn more about the program!

  • Athletes will come in all together, and then be broken up into smaller groups based on their level of previous experience and will be evaluated on their individual tumbling skills. They will be evaluated on a level appropriate, advanced and elite skill in standing and running tumbling for each level regardless of their level of experience. Each athlete will then receive a score for each skill, a 1 for independent, a 2 for mastered and a 3 for perfected. CLICK HERE to learn more about “Zero to Hero” and what it means to be independent, mastered and perfected. 
  • We will use these scores to help us determine the athlete’s Level of Mastery in both standing and running tumbling.

Athletes will be brought back in groups to continue the evaluation process. You will be notified of when your callback will be by Monday May 15th. These groups will be based on level and age, but are not yet a final team yet. Many athletes will be asked to attend multiple group callbacks and may move around throughout the day as well. Athletes should wear all black to the group callbacks.

  • After tumbling evaluations and group callbacks, our coaches will spend hours having conversations, meeting and working to create the most successful teams possible. We spend time talking through every athlete and their placement before finalizing our teams.

Have more questions before you register? Click here!