Tumbling Classes

"This gym and its lovely coaches, has been a soul-saving space for Dana.
She has absolutely loved her time here and all of her coaches". 

Judy R.

Tumbling Classes

World Elite Kids offers Tumbling Classes at our Brecksville and Tallmadge location for ages 3 years to 18 years old. 


Rollers: Age 3 to 5

This class is designed to develop your Child’s physical and social abilities through body movement and group participation. A larger focus of skill and strength development as well as balance using small scale equipment , trampolines and fun drills and games. Tallmadge Location Brecksville Location

Tumbling 101: Age 6 to 18

Students will learn to control basic body positions and beginning tumbling skills. Class focuses on the handstand, forward & backward rolls, bridges and cartwheels. *Pre-Requisite: n/a Tallmadge Location Brecksville Location

Walkovers & Round-Offs: Age 6 to 18

Students will learn novice body positions and tumbling skills. Class focuses on a variety of drills, progressions, and strength training to achieve the back and front walkover, and mastering the round off. *Pre-Requisite: Tumbling 101 Tallmadge Location Brecksville Location

Handsprings 101: Age 6 to 18

Students will learn how to perfect beginning and novice level positions and skills. Class focuses on a standing back handspring and round off back handspring, while introducing the front handspring.

*Pre-Requisite: Walkovers & Round-Offs



Tallmadge Location

Brecksville Location

Advanced Handsprings: Age 6 to 18

Students will learn drills to increase speed and power into their tumbling. Class focuses on the connection of multiple handsprings, along with a strong rebound.

Pre-Requisite: Handsprings 101.



Tallmadge Location

Brecksville Location

Tucks & Aerials

Students will learn air sense and body awareness. Class focuses on flipping in a tucked position both forward and backwards, in both running and standing tumbling. Aerials, along with other acrobatic skills are worked on. Pre-Requisite: Advanced Handsprings. Tallmadge Location Brecksville Location

Layouts & Twists

Students will learn the advanced level of body control and performance. Class focuses on the layout and creating a foundation for twisting skills. Pre-Requisite: Tucks & Ariels, or by placement.

Tallmadge Location

Brecksville Location

  • Referral Credit

    If you refer a new family to World Elite Kids you will receive a $10 credit on your account. Make sure you tell them to put your first and last name in the how did you hear about us section of the registration form.

  • Multi Class/Family Discount

    - We offer a 10% discount if your child takes more than one class.
    - For every child you enroll after your first, you will receive a 10% discount.

  • Trial Class

    World Elite Kids offers a $10 trial class. Find the class you want to trial, click register, on the registration form where your selected class pops up you will select yes next to "I would like to trial this class".

Tumbling Classes

Frequently Asked Questions


Tumbling can be a positive influence in so many areas like creating healthy habits, focus, and brain development. Below are some other benefits!

  • Hand-eye coordination (gross and fine motor development)
  • Keeping Active (strength, balance, flexibility)
  • Self-esteem (from accomplishments)
  • Healthy Cognitive function (problem solving)
  • Body awareness (may help outside of tumbling)

Our classes are organized by ability level. By separating classes by skill, it allows our instructors to be most effective in their teaching as they can appropriately teach children who share common developmental standards.

Depending on the age and experience of your child, we have offerings from preschool to the highest level of tumbling classes. If your child has little to no experience that’s ok! We recommend starting in our beginner level classes. If your child has some experience or if you have any other questions, you can reach out to our Tumbling Class Director and he’ll be happy to direct you in the right direction! 

Every athlete is different! Some may learn a skill in weeks, while others may take months. The most important thing to remember is that if there is a good progression system in place, then they will be learning the skill safely. Always remember that the body comes before the skill. This means that physical attributes such as flexibility, strength, balance, etc., need to be mastered before someone can achieve a complicated skill.

The World Elite Tumbling program has a set checklist of skills that you will have access to through your Jackrabbit Parent Portal. That checklist has a number of skills that need to be attained with a certain level of mastery before they are able to advance to the next class. Once they’re completed, your child will receive a class advancement card!

Tumbling Class

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